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Soldered Inkplate 10 - 9.7" e-paper board Soldered Inkplate 10 – 9.7″ e-paper board
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LED dice Solder kit LED dice Solder kit
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Reaction game Solder kit Reaction game Solder kit
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Alcohol, Ethanol sensor MQ3 breakout Alcohol, Ethanol sensor MQ3 breakout
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Simple light sensor board Simple light sensor board
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Obstacle sensor TCRT5000 breakout Obstacle sensor TCRT5000 breakout
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Soldered simplifies electronics for all: with user-friendly products, comprehensive technical assistance, and numerous examples, you’ll get your project up and running swiftly.

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Dasduino CORE

100% Arduino compatible board. Easy to use. Fits breadboard. ATmega328P-based.

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What our customers say about our service and products.

by David on September 26, 2023

Very often, I prefer those cables because how neat my breadboard looks when the project is done.

5 out of 5
for Digital multimeter
by Mata on July 06, 2023

Odličan multimetar za ovu cijenu. Samo ispravak za bateriju – idu 2 AAA baterije a ne 9V(kocka).

5 out of 5
for Junk box – electronics
by jurgec90 on June 18, 2023

već duže vremena naručujem i sada u zadnjoj pošiljci sam dobio točno ova 2 paketa sa slika 😁 a u prijašnjim paketima sam dobio od korisnijih stvari: LED grow light, UV lampu, fiksni telefon😆, 3 wireless/bluetooth miša, galaxy s8(napuknuti ekran, ali touch radi), razne esp32 module, HT shield za dasduino connect plus. Tako da svakako preporučujem. Jedino imam molbu da uvrstite led grow light i ht shield u svoju stalnu ponudu. uz pomoć ht shielda sam si složio automatsko navodnjavanje biljaka na balkonu, a led grow light je bio šećer na kraju. 😁


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Ever started a project and missed a resistor? Don’t let it happen again!

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