The story behind Soldered.

Electronic Products & Services To Take Your Technology Projects One Step Further.

At Soldered, we design and manufacture a wide selection of electronic products to help you turn your ideas into acts and bring you one step closer to your final project.

Discover Your Inner Maker.

What lies at the core of what we do is our passion for sharing with you everything we know about the world of electronics and helping you master your projects. Our goal is to become not simply your supplier but your one-stop destination for all things electronics and programming.

Whether you need our products for your hobby, professional, or educational purposes, we strive to ensure that you will access all the information you need to make the most out of every piece and get inspired to take your project to the next level.


AboutMade In EU – Open To The Entire Makers’ Community.

Our products are developed and crafted in-house by our experienced team in Osijek, Croatia.

We believe that sharing is a crucial element for improvement and innovation, and we work hard to stay connected with all our makers regardless of their skill or experience level.

Based on an open-source philosophy, all our products, including the microcontroller boards, sensory boards, actuators, 3D printing filament, as well as our electronics-related services, are open to the community for every maker who wishes to use them.

We Have Your Back – Always.

If you face any problem concerning either your shopping experience or your electronics project, our team will help you deal with it, offering efficient customer service and cost-free technical support anytime.

Our greatest success is seeing you use our products to turn your vision into a reality!
After all, Soldered exists to design and build products you can rely on, promoting creativity and innovative thinking and helping every electronics enthusiast out there.

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