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Out of stock ESP32-WROOM-32D WiFi module
ESP32-WROOM-32D WiFi module

The ESP32 is a more advanced successor to the well-known ESP8266. It is a SoC (System on Chip) that can function as a standalone microcontroller and has everything you need on WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE 4.0, low-energy) communication. With nearly 30 I / O pins and low power consumption, ESP32 will almost certainly be the leader in the Internet of Things for years to come.

The microcontroller itself works at a frequency of 160MHz (up to 240MHz), while the module has a built-in flash memory of 4MB. It has all the classic protocols like 4x SPI, 2x I2C, 4x UART, and there are many built-in peripherals like 18x 12-bit ADC, 2x 8-bit DAC, 10x capacitive touch GPIO, temperature sensor, SD card controller, Ethernet interface, PWM, etc. The list is really long. It should not be forgotten that this module has FCC certification and PCB trace antenna.


SoC: ESP32
CPU: Xtens 32-bit LX6, 160MHz to 240MHz
• Flash memory: 4MB
• RAM memory: 520kB
Exact module name: ESP-WROOM-32
• Number of pins: 38
Dimensions: 18 x 25.5 x 2.8 cm

Bluetooth module HM-10 (BLE 4.0)
Bluetooth module HM-10 (BLE 4.0)

Bluetooth Module HM-10 enables Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE 4.0) communication between your project and another Bluetooth device, such as mobile phone. A connection with Croduino is simple via serial communication and the module operates at standard voltage of 3.3V and 5V. This module will work with iOS6 and higher systems as well as with Android 4.3 and greater.

Bluetooth standard: 4.0
• works with iOS6 or higher and  Android 4.3 or higher
Voltage: 3V – 6V
• Current: 60uA – 400uA
• Antenna: on the PCB
Dimensions: 43mm x 16mm

Bluetooth audio module OVC3860
Bluetooth audio module OVC3860

The Bluetooth audio module allows you to stream, ie. transfer audio from a device (such as a cell phone or laptop) to this module via Bluetooth.


• Range: 10m
• Baud rate: 3Mbps
Voltage: 3.6V – 4.2V
• Current: 55mA
• Dimension: 16 x 29 x 2.3mm

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