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N-channel mosfet

In this category there are N-channel MOSFET transistors from our offer. You can find classic NMOS transistors in THT or SMD package.

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Generic N-channel MOSFET TO-220
Generic N-channel MOSFET TO-220

MOSFET N-channel transistor, with its characteristics, fits great with Dasduino/Arduino. With this transistor, you can control devices that need a great amount of current or great voltages through microcontrollers.


This transistor is also in our Croduino for beginners set.

Out of stock Generic NMOS transistor SOT23-3 SMD
Generic NMOS transistor SOT23-3 SMD

General use NMOS transistor inside SMD SOT-23 package. For more details, check the datasheet.

Generic N-channel MOSFET DPAK
Generic N-channel MOSFET DPAK

MOSFET transistor N-channel has ideal characteristics that allow it to connect to Croduino/Arduino. With this transistor, you’re able to control devices that need big amounts of current or voltage – all of that via a microcontroller.

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