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easyC adapter
easyC adapter

Do you have an old I2C board lying around that would be perfect only if it had easyC connectors? With the easyC adapter and a little bit of soldering, you can give it new life. It will be able to connect easily to newer boards with easyC cables.


The adapter has two easyC connection ports and four plated through-holes: SCL, SDA, 3.3V, and GND. It comes with pins that need to be soldered to the board.


Product usage tips:

Connecting easyC devices to the adapter is the same as to any other easyC device. Choose an easyC cable and connect it to the adapter. That’s it.


To ensure the longevity of the adapter, avoid working with it in wet environments. Device operates at the 3.3V voltage level so higher voltages can burn it.

Out of stock Li-ion charger with protection
Li-ion charger with protection

Lithium batteries are charged differently than regular batteries and devices. You’ll need a li-ion charger like this one to charge them. Integrated with the CC/CV charging technology, it is the simplest way to charge a lithium-ion battery.

The board has a USB Type-C connector for power, a JST-type connector for batteries, the charging circuit, a protector, and two status LEDs. Comes with 7 pins that need to be soldered.


Product usage tips:

The red LED glowing means the battery is charging. The green LED glowing means it finished charging. Easy embedding into a project with the four mounting holes on the board.


Note: This charger has protection against short-circuit, too high, or too low voltage. It has no protection against reverse polarity.

Reaction game Solder kit
Reaction game Solder kit

If you are looking for a simple way to learn soldering, or just want to make a small gadget that you can carry, this set is a great opportunity. Reaction game is an educational kit which teaches you how to solder, and in the end, you get to have your own small game. The goal of the game is to press the button next to the LED as soon as it turns on. With every correct answer, the game gets a bit harder – the time you have to press the button shortens. How many correct answers can you get?


It’s based on Attiny404 microcontroller, programmed in Arduino. At its back, you’ll find CR2032 battery which makes the kit portable. There’s keychain holder as well. Soldering process is easy enough based on the mark on the PCB.


The kit consists of:
• Attiny404 microcontroller
• 4 LEDs
• 4 Pushbuttons
• A switch
• 4 resistors 330ohm
• CR2032 battery holder
• Battery CR2032
• Keychain holder

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