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In this category there are light sensors that we offer. For example simple light sensor or digital light sensor LTR-507.

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Digital light & proximity sensor LTR-507 breakout
Digital light & proximity sensor LTR-507 breakout

For very precise measurements of the amount of light, take this digital light sensor into account (ALS – Ambient Light Sensor). In addition, the LTR-507ALS also measures the proximity (PS – Proximity Sensor) of the object to the sensor. It sends all this data via I2C communication, which is easy to read via our Arduino library.

Simple light sensor board
Simple light sensor board

Light is one of the most important things in the life of most living beings. Because of this, it is common to work with light sensors when learning about electronics. The simple light sensor features a light-dependent resistor (LDR) and a sensor on a small breakout board for easier connection. As the name suggests, the LDR will change its resistance depending on the amount of light it’s exposed to. The amount of light and resistance are inversely proportional. The more light it’s exposed to, the less resistance it will have. Thus, if there’s more light, the board will have a resistance of a few hundred Ohms. If the resistor is in the dark, it will have a resistance of several thousand Ohms.


The main benefit of this board is ability to give analog and digital output. By setting the potenciometer on the board, you are able to get digital signal at the DO pin when signal crosses certain value, while analog values will be present on the AO pin at all times.


Product usage tips:

Connect the GND and VCC pins on the breakout board to your Dasduino to get the results. Given the rugged nature of the light-dependent resistor, the simple light sensor is suitable for dirty and rough terrains.


The simple light sensor can be used for various practical automated projects. They range from simple, such as light intensity meter, to very complex, like a burglar alarm. Perfect for those ideas where you want to avoid manual input.


If you’re experiencing issues when using the sensor, check if all components are connected properly. Go through your wiring on the breadboard once more. If everything is connected as it should be, go through the code again. There’s a chance some bugs are stopping the program from functioning.

Phototransistor 5mm
Phototransistor 5mm

A phototransistor is a component that is able to detect light. This phototransistor is special because (due to their dark lenses) it detects infrared (IR) light better than the other. Therefore, it is practical for fire detection, sunlight etc.


Soldered has created a module with an LM393 voltage comparator using this sensor. Check it out here.

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