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In this category there are products specialized for electronics. In the offer you can find a PCB cutting knife or an ESD antistatic bracelet.

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Desoldering pump
Desoldering pump

Once you learn how to solder, you notice that your soldering isn’t perfect. Desoldering pump is a tool that should be on the table of each maker/electronics engineer because it allows easy removal of excess solder, thus repairing short circuits or removing the components from the board. It works on the principle of “sucking in” the solder (liquid state) inside itself. It is completely safe to use.

ESD antistatic bracelet
ESD antistatic bracelet

ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) or static electricity is a phenomenon where electricity flows suddenly between two electrically charged objects that are in touch or near each other. You experienced it, most likely,  when you touched something and felt “current” hurting you. Other than being unpleasant, there are no major consequences caused by ESD. But in electronics, ESD is very dangerous and can destroy your components and semiconductors.


This is where antistatic bracelet helps. If its other end is properly terminated to ground, it means that you are too. Through the 1M resistor, current flows to ground where it safely “goes” without being felt, and there won’t be any damage to components. It is always recommended to wear an anti-tatic bracelet whilte working with electronics.

PCB cutting knife
PCB cutting knife

Cutting knife is actually a sharp scalpel that you can operate very precisely. It will be very useful for cutting faulty traces on printed circuit boards, but also for any other purpose of precision cutting or marking.


• Material: steel

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