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Screwdrivers & Hex tools

Here you will find the screwdrivers for electronics that we offer. For example, a set of screwdrivers and accesories for electronics or a set of Allen keys.

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Set of screwdrivers and accessories for electronics
Set of screwdrivers and accessories for electronics

This set of screwdrivers and accessories for working with electronics contains everything you will need when repairing electronics. See the full list below, the set consists of a screwdriver, tweezers, an opening tool, a cutting knife and several opening levers.


Screwdrivers: Torx 0.8x40mm, T3x40mm, T4x40mm, T5x40mm, T6x40mm, flat 2.0x40mm, philips 1.5x40mm, philips 2.0x40mm
• Cutting knife (traces)
• 2 tweezers
• Opening levers
: 2 plastic triangle shaped, 2 plastic levers, 1 metal lever

Set of allen keys
Set of allen keys

This product contains 9 most commonly used Allen keys in a practical holder. At the end of each Allen key there is a hex head that allows you to tighten the Allen screws from any angle, which can be extremely useful on screws in inaccessible areas.


Set contains Allen keys of sizes: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10
• Material: CrV steel

Allen key 2mm
Allen key 2mm

Hex key for standard 2mm head.


• Material: Steel(CrV)
• For 2mm hex heads

AC screwdriver tester
AC screwdriver tester

Every household, let alone a workshop, is not complete without an AC tester. This affordable tester allows you to check for AC voltage in the wires.

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