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With all the delights and novelties brought to us by the release of our new boards it is necessary to publish the “other” part of the support in the form of the necessary drivers. Croduino2 uses Silicon labs’ CP2102 as a USB to UART bridge. You can find out more about the board in Croduino Basic2 review article. Below, we will offer a driver support in the form of a driver for certain operational systems. Drivers can be downloaded directly from the offical Silicon labs page, although the version of the driver we provide is already checked and guaranteed to work with Croduino2 board.


Follow the steps:
1. Download the drivers here.
2. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
3. Determine the architecture of your computer’s processor. The fastest way we can think of is to enter SET Processor command into cmd.
4. Concerning the step 3, run exe file: x64 for 64bit or x68 for 32bit OS.
5. Follow the installation steps and you are ready to use your Croduino2.

Checking the properly installed drivers can be made in the Device Manager (right click on My Computer, then Properties, Device Manager or Upravitelj uređaja). Under Ports (COM & LPT) make sure to have something like the picture below.


Simply download the drivers here. After double click on the dmg file follow the installation instructions and that would be it.

Let’s check if everything went well. In the Terminal, execute the command:

ls /dev/cu.*


If you are using Linux 3.x.x you do not have to worry about CP1202 drivers, they come into the kernel. Drivers for Linux 2.6.x can be downloaded here. The version of Linux you use can be checked by:

lsb_release -a

We assume you can continue on your own. Quick reminder: you can check serial ports using this command:

ls /dev/ttyUSB*


This is definitely just the beginning. If you are using this tutorial to start working with Croduino2 board, your next step might be studying the Arduino IDE or learning more about what Croduino and Arduino are. For those who want concrete things, follow our video . You can read more about what the new Croduino Basic2 offers here, or check the pin out for a quicker look.

If you need to use CP2102 bridge for other purposes, follow this link. If you have any concerns about installing the drivers or any other questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail. Your comment under this text is also more than welcome so that we could help other users to overcome obstacles they may have encountered, just like you.

Good luck with programming!