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You are a beginner with Dasduino. Or electronics? A specific module caught your eye, but you do not know how to use it? Do not worry, HUM is here for you! How to Use Module (HUM) is a blog tutorials series by soldered where you will find all you need in order to begin working with your favorite module. Tutorials include: technical characteristics, work principle, instructions on how to connect module with Dasduino and the basic code. Everything else is left to your imagination.


In this tutorial we will introduce you to a mini water pump and some of its applications. It is very simple to use, just immerse it in some liquid, connect the tube to the drain and connect the pump to a power supply. You can use it for irrigation, maintenance of optimum moisture in the soil or in a rocky ground for creeks and fountains.

• Voltage: 3V – 6V
• Maximum height which the liquid can reach: 40-110cm
• Flow rate: 120L/h
• External diameter of the drain tube: 7.5mm
• Internal diameter of the drain tube: 4.7mm
• Dimensions of the pump: 24mm(diameter), 33mm(height)


This mini water pump works with the help of electromotor located in the waterproof housing. When we bring voltage to the immersed pump, the rotating part begins to rotate and thus draws the water from the front side of the pump and drains it through a tube above. We connect a hose to the tube and direct it towards wherever we want to, and the pump is able to expel 120 litres in an hour.


This pump is easily connected because it consists only of ground and a phase conductor, and it needs power supply of 3 to 6V. In this example we will show how to connect the pump to a switch, and as a source we will use Dasduino, but we can use any other 3 to 6V power supply such as batteries or adapters.

Dasduino +5V pin is connected to the left or right pin of the switch, we have chosen the first from the left., then from the middle pin we connect it to the phase (red) conductor of the pump. Ground (black conductor) is connected to Dasduino’s GND.