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Li-ion battery 2100mAh 3.7V
Li-ion battery 2100mAh 3.7V

This lithium-ion battery is small, light and durable. Through standard JST 2mm female connector, it will yield 3.7V which will supply your projects for a whole day (and night!). Furthermore, the battery has an implemented protection system, which prevents high voltages ( prevents over-charging), undervoltage and short circuit. That way it protects the battery, increases its lifetime and protects you from possible accidents!

• Nominal voltage: 3.7V
• Capacity: 2100mAh, 7.77Wh
• Dimensions: 9 x 36 x 60mm
• Standard JST-PH-2mm connector

DISCLAIMER: This battery has to be charged with a special charged that uses CC/CV principle. Li-ion batteries are dangerous! Read our tutorial (link in the top right corner) before use.

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