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Dasduino CORE (ATmega328)
Dasduino CORE (ATmega328)

Are you looking to start tinkering with electronics and Arduinos? Or perhaps you’re looking for a board to help you with electronic projects? Dasduino Core is the right choice for you. If you’re familiar with any of the retired Croduino products, you’ll feel right at home with this board. If not, no worries! Dasduino Core is made for makers of all skill levels! Not only will it execute the tasks in a breeze, but it will take up little space while doing so.

With just 63 mm wide and 22 mm high, Dasduino Core packs 22 I/O pins. It has 14 digital and 8 analog pins, which is plenty for almost all projects. It comes with a USB Type-C connection and is 100% compatible with the original Arduino boards and Arduino IDE. It comes with the Atmel Atmega328P microcontroller we all know and love. It works on 5V or battery voltage. There is also a 3.3V voltage regulator on the board for easy powering of 3.3V breakouts or easyC boards. Furthermore, it features Lithium-ion battery charger and connector, and a full color WS2812 RGB LED. An easyC connector will make connecting the Dasduino Core with other devices effortless.



Dasduino CORE (ATmega328) options:


The Dasduino CORE comes in 3 versions depending on the method of establishing a connection to the pins:

– without headers
– with male headers
– with female headers

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