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Dasduino LITE (ATTiny1604)
Dasduino LITE (ATTiny1604)

Dasduino Lite is the right choice when you are limited with space, but still looking for capable controller. Based on Attiny1604, with USB-C port, Li-ion charger and CH340 USB-UART converter, it has all must-haves on a small form-factor.

Only 38mm wide and 26mm high, Dasduino Lite contains 12 GPIO pins. Of these, 9 can be programmed as analog. It comes with a USB Type-C connection and is 100% compatible with the original Arduino IDE software using  custom Board Definition. In addition to its small dimensions, which are the main characteristic of this Dasduino, there is also a charger for a lithium battery, a full RGB LED and an easyC connector that will allow easy connection of the Dasduino Lite board with other devices. This Dasduino is extremely handy when you need to make a project that needs to take up as little space as possible.



Dasduino LITE (ATTiny1604) options:


The Dasduino LITE comes in 3 versions depending on the method of establishing a connection to the pins:

– without headers
– with male headers
– with female headers

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