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Dasduino COREPLUS (ATmega2560)
Dasduino COREPLUS (ATmega2560)

The soldered version of the ATmega2560 microcontroller board has arrived! It is designed for enthusiasts and professionals in the field of electronics and DIY projects. The heart of the board, the ATmega2560, is a powerful 8-bit microcontroller that offers enough processing power for demanding applications. The board comes with a large number of digital and analog inputs/outputs, allowing users to connect various sensors and actuators. The ATmega2560 contains a significant amount of Flash memory, SRAM, and EEPROM, which is sufficient for complex applications and data storage. The USB interface allows for easy programming and communication with a computer. It enables communication with various peripheral devices and modules using the easyC system for simple connectivity. The board is compatible with popular development environments, such as Arduino IDE, which facilitates the development and implementation of projects.


This board is ideal for creating complex and versatile electronic projects, such as automatic systems, smart devices, robotics, and many others.


Dasduino COREPLUS (ATmega2560) options:


Dasduino COREPLUS comes in 3 versions depending on the method of connection to the pins:

– without headers
– with male headers
– with female headers

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