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Dasduino beginner kit REFILL
Dasduino beginner kit REFILL

If you usually do big projects or put on workshops, you know that there’s never enough of some components. Therefore, we’ve put together this set of wires, resistors and other primary components to make your everyday work or education much easier.


This set consists of:

  • Breadboard
  • Set of cables for breadboard
  • 50x 330ohm resistor
  • 45x 10k resistor
  • 10x 2n2222 transistor
  • 10x 1n4148 diode
  • 5x photoresistor
  • 10x pushbutton
  • 5x potentiometer 10k
  • 2x 100nF ceramic capacitor
  • 5mm RGB LED diode
  • 3x 5mm blue LED diode
  • 3x 5mm red LED diode
  • 3x 5mm yellow LED diode
  • 3x 5mm green LED diode
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