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Out of stock easyC Hub
easyC Hub

We made the easyC system for faster prototyping and easy connection between the components. However, some of the components have only one easyC port or you just want your cable managmenet made better. What to do in those cases? The easyC hub comes to the rescue! It has six connectors so you can easily expand your circuit. It’s as simple of a device as it can get.


Product usage tips:

You can connect easyC devices to the hub like you would to any other easyC device. Just plug the preferred easyC cable into the hub and a device you’re working with. That’s all there is to it.


You should avoid working with the hub in wet environments to ensure it lasts a long time. Be sure to watch the operating voltage of your circuit. Since the hub works on 3.3V, higher voltages can burn it and render it useless. There is a hole in the middle of the board so it can be secured to any surface.

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