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Out of stock Load-cell amplifier HX711 with easyC
Load-cell amplifier HX711 with easyC

The HX711 is a highly versatile load cell amplifier that is widely used in various applications requiring precise weight measurements. It is designed to convert analog signals into digital values, making it ideal for integration with microcontrollers, Dasduino boards, and other digital systems.

This load cell amplifier employs a 24-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to ensure high-resolution and accurate readings. It supports differential input signals and offers two differential input channels, allowing the connection of up to two load cells simultaneously. This feature enables the measurement of both single- and multi-load cell systems, expanding its application range.

The HX711 incorporates an integrated voltage regulator, which provides a stable supply voltage for the load cells and ensures accurate and reliable measurements. It operates with a low supply voltage, typically ranging from 2.6V to 5.5V, making it compatible with a wide range of power sources.

Load-cell amplifier HX711 board
Load-cell amplifier HX711 board

The HX711 breakout allows you to easily read the weight value from a load-cell sensor (mass sensor). This small ADC is of great precision and is capable of measuring very small changes in the load-cell resistance, whose signals are amplified with the built-in amplifier. Subsequently, this same information is digitally transmitted to a microcontroller that simply converts the numbers obtained into the actual weight. That’s why this breakout is very useful for projects with scales or presence sensors, either for individuals or industry.


Breakout supports the connection of load cells that are made by the Wheatstone Bridge technique, like most of the load cells. They usually have four wires, two for power supply (E + and E, most often red and black), and two for signal (A + and A-, most commonly white and green wire). The pins for these wires are also indicated on the PCB and it is easy to connect.

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