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hydrogen sulfide sensor

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Hydrogen Sulfide sensor MQ136 breakout
Hydrogen Sulfide sensor MQ136 breakout

The MQ136 breakout board is specifically designed to use the MQ136 hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas sensor with microcontrollers or other digital systems. The MQ136 sensor is widely used in air quality control equipment and is particularly sensitive to H2S, which is commonly found in environments where organic matter is degraded or in industrial environments.


By integrating the MQ136 sensor with the appropriate electronic circuits and microcontrollers like Dasduino, you can create systems that allow monitoring and analysis of the concentration of chemical compounds in real time, allowing you to take the necessary actions to maintain a healthy and safe environment.


The breakout board works with digital (DO) and analog signals (AO). The digital output is obtained by setting the limit value with a potentiometer. The analog output will vary depending on the intensity of the gas.


The MQ136 hydrogen sulfide measurement module operates at 5V and consumes approximately 150mA. It needs some warm-up time before it can give accurate results.

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