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Out of stock IR obstacle sensor
IR obstacle sensor

This sensor has one fototransistor and one fotodiode in its package. Fotodiode has 2 pins (anode and cathode) which are used to generate an infrared signal. Fototransistor also has 2 pins (collector and emitter) that are used to read the infrared signal that the fotodiode generates. Sensor is most commonly used to read distances that reflects in front of the sensor.


• Volrage: 5V
• Output: Analog and digital
• Temperature: from -25°C to 85°C
Dimensions: 10.2 x 5.8mm

IR remote controller
IR remote controller

Universal IR (infrared) remote with 6 keys: ignition key, four direction keys, and center button. Although it is intended for something else, you will easily pair this IR remotely with an IR receiver in the Croduino / Arduino project and thus make it respond to your commands.


Number of buttons: 21
Battery: CR2025, comes with the remote
Dimensions: 86 x 40 x 6.5mm

5mm IR LED
5mm IR LED

Infra-red (IR) diode emits light in the spectrum that the human eye can’t see. However, such a diode has its purpose. It is used in remote controllers that send information on wavelengths within the infrared spectrum, e.g. to change television programme. So all you need to create your own remote is one of these diodes and correct data which will be sent!

Diameter: 5mm
Voltage: 1.2V – 1.6V
Current: typical 100mA

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