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Dasduino Beginner Kit INTERNET OF THINGS - IoT
Dasduino Beginner Kit INTERNET OF THINGS - IoT

Croduino set for beginners Internet of Things (IoT CSP) is a complete set to start working with the Internet of things. Contains Dasduino CONNECT, microcontroller board with ESP8266 which can easily be programmed from the Arduino IDE. Connection to a PC is made directly using a USB cable. Besides the controller, the set has a bunch of different sensors and actuators, which are often used in projects related to the Internet.


Some of the projects that you can make using components from this set are: Weather page (using BMP180 sensor temperature and humidity, air quality sensor MQ135, LDR), the switch which is connected to the Internet (using 2-channel module with relay, MOSFET or servo motor) notification via the Internet (a motion sensor, photoresistor or other sensor), and so on. Turn on your imagination and make something else!


Kit consists of:

  • Dasduino CONNECT
  • 2-channel relay
  • DC motor
  • F-F cable set
  • Pressure & Temperature sensor BMP180
  • Servo motor – TowerPro SG90
  • PIR Movement sensor board
  • Air quality sensor MQ135 breakout
  • 10k resistors (15pcs)
  • 2x 2N2222 transistor
  • Photoresistor
  • 2x IRF540 MOSFET
  • DHT11 temperature & humidity sensor
  • Buzzer
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