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Smart LED WS2812B Ring7
Smart LED WS2812B Ring7

WS2812B is an extremely interesting LED that can emit light in red, green or blue – or any combination of these three colors, able to show a total of approximately 16 million different colors. On this board, diodes are arranged in a circle. They are controlled by a single pin with only a few lines of code from Arduino IDE. That’s possible thanks to the integrated controller inside the LED itself!

Smart LED WS2812B Pixel
Smart LED WS2812B Pixel

These small LEDs are not just ordinary lights – each is unique because it has a built-in small integrated circuit (IC) that is able to turn on the LED light in 16 million different colors. IC is WS2812 and it uses a single wire that can control thousands of these LEDs. With a little imagination by putting these pixels, you get superior effects with a minimum effort. These lamps are easy to control with Dasduino.

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