li-ion charger

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Li-ion charger
Li-ion charger

Lithium batteries can’t be charged as regular batteries or devices. Instead, you’ll need a li-ion charger such as this one. Integrated with the CC/CV charging technology, it is the simplest way to charge a lithium-ion battery.


The board has a USB Type-C connector for power, a JST-type connector for batteries, the charging circuit, and two status LEDs.


Product usage tips:

The red LED glowing means the battery is charging. The green LED glowing means battery is charged. Easy embedding into a project with the four mounting holes on the board. Comes with 5 pins that need to be soldered.


Note: This charger has no protection against reverse polarity, short-circuit, too high or too low voltage. If you’re looking for a charger with a protector, click here.


Li-ion charger BQ24295 with 5V USB output board
Li-ion charger BQ24295 with 5V USB output board

The BQ24295 is a versatile Li-ion battery charger designed to provide efficient and reliable charging for single-cell lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries. It supports various charging modes, including constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) charging, to ensure the battery is charged quickly and safely.

The BQ24295 charger operates on a wide input voltage range, typically from 4.35V to 17V, allowing it to be powered by a variety of power sources, including USB ports and AC adapters. It also features integrated power path management, which allows simultaneous charging of the battery while powering the connected device, providing uninterrupted operation.

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