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Accelerometer & Gyroscope & Magnetometer LSM9DS1TR 9-DOF breakout
Accelerometer & Gyroscope & Magnetometer LSM9DS1TR 9-DOF breakout

Discover the magic of motion tracking with our all-in-one Accelerometer, Gyroscope & Magnetometer LSM9DS1TR Breakout! This mini but mighty module bundles together a 3D accelerometer, a 3D gyroscope, and a 3D magnetometer. It lets you monitor not only linear and rotational movements but also the magnetic field surrounding your projects. Despite its pocket-size, it offers high-accuracy measurements — ±16 g for the accelerometer, ±2000 dps for the gyroscope, and ±16 Gauss for the magnetometer.


It has an embedded temperature sensor, FIFO buffer for data management, and interrupt features to signal your microcontroller when data is ready or when a certain event occurs. Plus, with I2C interface, it can easily connect with a variety of microcontrollers.


Our LSM9DS1TR breakout merges high-end capabilities with a user-friendly approach. It operates within a supply voltage range of 2.4V to 3.6V, making it compatible with both 3.3V and 5V systems. Its low-power and power-down modes optimize performance without draining too much energy.


This breakout board comes with 2 easyC connectors which will simplify connection with microcontrollers. By using the easyC module connection system, forget about incorrectly connected or, in the worst case, damaged modules.

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