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IO expander MCP23017 breakout
IO expander MCP23017 breakout

Are you short on IO pins? Looking to increase the number of them? That’s what the GPIO Expander MCP23017 is for! It uses I2C communication to do so. With just two wires, 16 new fully configurable digital IO pins are added to a microcontroller.


Due to the jumpers on the board, the I2C address of a device can be changed. Thus, eight breakout boards can be connected to a microcontroller. All of the pins on the expander board have pull-out resistors that can be turned on and off.


Product usage tips:


If the breakout board is not working, most commonly something is not connected correctly. Check the pinout and wiring. You’ll likely find the problem there. Check if the SDA and SCL lines are connected correctly from the board to the microcontroller. Make sure the I2C address of the expander is correct – it should be 0x27.


The board comes with two easyC connectors for easier connection with other I2C devices. Because of this, it works perfectly with any Dasduino board  and I2C breakout boards. It has two mounting holes so it won’t move an inch once mounted somewhere.

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