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Out of stock Raspberry Pi breadboard breakout + cable
Raspberry Pi breadboard breakout + cable

With the Raspberry Pi breadboard breakout board, you can easily connect your Raspberry Pi with a regular breadboard. It fits on standard half-size and full-size breadboards. It even adds a couple of ground and power supply pins. Best of all, the pins are already soldered. You just have to plug the cable in. This breakout will get you prototyping on the Raspberry Pi in no time!


Product usage tips:

The breakout board is compatible with Raspberry Pi that comes with 40-pin connector. It comes with a HAT ribbon cable for the Raspberry Pi. It has an easyC port for easier connection with other I2C breakout boards.


If the breakout board is not working properly, it’s likely not connected correctly. Check the pinout and the wiring. The culprit might be there. If that’s not the case, check if the HAT ribbon cable is connected as it should be. It should be straight and go to the bottom of the pins.

Raspberry Pi easyC adapter
Raspberry Pi easyC adapter

This adapter makes it easy to connect easyC devices and sensors to the Raspberry Pi. It has 3 pieces of easyC connectors and a female header for Raspberry Pi, next to the header there are pins for connecting 5V and 3.3V and ground pins. It simply connects to the Raspberry Pi because its pinout matches the pinout of the Raspberry Pi.

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