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Rotary encoder board with easyC
Rotary encoder board with easyC

Unleash the potential of digital control with our Rotary Encoder breakout board. Compact and powerful, this module makes working with rotary encoders easy. Rotary encoders are versatile input devices that convert angular position or button movement into digital signals. With the ability to detect direction and distance of rotation, they are perfect for controlling a variety of equipment such as volume knobs on audio devices, motors in robotics, or navigation controls in user interfaces.


Our breakout board simplifies the use of rotary encoders by utilizing easyC technology, making it easily connectable with microcontrollers or other circuits. It accepts input from a rotary encoder and translates it into signals that your microcontroller can interpret. In addition to the aforementioned rotary encoder module, the board also features a small ATTiny404 microcontroller, as well as a switch for selecting the I2C address. This breakout board comes with 2 easyC connectors for easy plug-and-play into the easyC system. If you don’t want to use easyC, the module can also be used via standard headers.

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