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Out of stock Display OLED I2C 0.96" SSD1306
Display OLED I2C 0.96" SSD1306

Looking to add visuals to your Arduino projects? The I2C OLED breakout board is perfect for that. Because of its high contrast, you will be in awe of its crispness! The display is made from hundreds of LEDs, each representing one pixel in a 128×64 grid. Thus, it doesn’t need any backlight, and it needs less power than the classic LCD screens. That’s 8192 pixels all individually lit at your fingertips!

The design is 5V ready with an onboard regulator, so is compatible with any 3.3V board. The breakout board uses only about 20 mA, depending on active pixels. It is easy to control over the I2C interface. It is even easier to connect with the easyC system – no soldering required!



Display OLED I2C 0.96″ SSD1306 options:


The color of the OLED screen on the product can be:

– White
– Blue

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