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Micro:bit is a very interesting board with lots of options that are used by many children in school or hobbyists, but who can say no to new features! So we decided to make a micro:bit add-on that will enable internet connection via WiFi! Finally, you’ll be able to connect your micro:bit projects to the Internet and to connect to the well known Internet of Things. WiFi:bit add-on is easy to use through a MakeBlock add-on or using completed Python examples.

Just insert micro:bit to the add-on, plug in the power cable (required) and you are ready! Open the examples and start sending and receiving data from the internet. There are even two easyC connectors on the WiFi add-on, which allow the simplest connection of I2C sensors and actuators with micro:bit. There are also available pins on the board which are isolated on standard spacing used for breadboard connections or connections with cables to additional components!

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