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CAN Transceiver MCP2518 board
CAN Transceiver MCP2518 board

CAN Transceiver (Controller Area Network) is a network technology that enables fast communication between microcontrollers, and is the most commonly used standard in cars. Our CAN breakout uses an MCP2518FD CAN whose communication between microcontrollers takes place on SPI protocol. In addition there is a CAN transceiver. This breakout allows use of both standards (CAN 2.0B and CAN Flexible Data (FD)). Access to the CAN bus is possible via CANH and CANL pins on the screw terminal. The 120ohm terminator resistor is also located on the board and can be connected to a jumper.


Standards: CAN 2.0B i CAN FD
• Voltage: 2.7V i 5V
Current: from 10uA to 12mA
SPI interface
Dimensions: 38 x 22 mm

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