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Logic level converter I2C TXS0104 breakout
Logic level converter I2C TXS0104 breakout

This small and simple module gives us a translation of logic level between two signals. In layman’s terms, if we take a signal with logical “unit” on 5V convert into a signal which logical “unit” has on 3.3V this module will help us. Something like this is useful in this case if we want to achieve communication between two devices from whom one works on 5V and the other on 3.3V, or any other combination of voltages. Directly connecting we would “burn” a device that works on 3.3V and a module gives us to avoid that.


This board is specialized for signal conversion for I2C communication protocol, and for this conversion it uses a special integrated circuit that enables communication at high speeds.


Max. voltage: 30V
• Number of channels: 4
Communication protocol: I2C
Dimensions: 22 x 22mm

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