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1. General provisions

In Soldered Electronics d.o.o. we respect the privacy of our customers, clients, users of our services, those who are interested in our services/products, as well as other persons whose personal data we receive from you (hereinafter: respondents). All personal data obtained from respondents are used to execute the contract, repair or improve the quality of our offer. The protection and security of personal data provided by respondents is extremely important to us. The protection of personal data of respondents is an obligation for us, to which we pay special attention during the entire business process. Our employees and business partners are obliged to keep personal data confidential, in addition to complying with applicable regulations for the protection of personal data, especially the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (Regulation EU 2016/679) and the Law on the Implementation of the General Regulation on Data Protection (Official Gazette 42/2018).

Data on the privacy of the respondents’ personal data are provided in accordance with the aforementioned General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, for which we ask that you carefully read this Privacy Statement because it contains important information about what data we collect, for what purposes, what rights you have with regard to this data and other information on personal data protection.

2. Categories of personal data and purpose of processing

When the respondent uses our website for the purpose of familiarizing himself with our offer, when ordering our products, as well as when the respondent communicates with us via e-mail, the data controller collects the following personal data of the respondent:

– identification data such as: first and last name, address,

– contact information such as: e-mail address, phone number (mobile and/or landline number)

– bank data such as: bank card security code, etc.

– data on other persons – data for delivery to the address of other persons, etc.

– computer data such as: mobile application usage version, OAuth token used to identify the connection, cookies via Google Analytics, etc.

– the contents of your inquiries and our answers, the documentation that you have made available to us, the documentation of our services, evidence of services performed, as well as all other data that you provide to us before or during the provision of the service, which is necessary for the provision of the same< /p>

– files you have uploaded to our website, which may include photos, source code, circuit board designs, bill of materials, etc.

The purpose of processing said personal data is:

1. execution of the service based on the respondent’s order. The respondent provides all personal data to the controller voluntarily. If the respondent does not provide all the personal data to the processing manager that is necessary for the execution of the desired service, we will not be able to provide it. 

The data controller uses the personal data of the respondent based on the contractual legal basis (contract for work; sales contract) related to Art. 6. paragraph 1. points a and b of the General Regulation on data protection.

2. execution of legal obligations. The data controller is obliged to provide the personal data of the respondents to public authorities to the extent necessary for the fulfillment of legal obligations, for example to the Ministry of Finance, etc. We process your personal data in order to fulfill our legal obligations as a data controller. In certain cases, the controller is obliged to process your data in order to comply with legal obligations. This type of processing can result from mandatory legal regulations, for example tax, commercial, money laundering prevention, criminal provisions and the like, therefore, as a result of state supervision and control and the legal duty to provide data.

The data controller uses personal data of respondents based on the fulfillment of legal obligations related to Art. 6, paragraph 1, point c of the General Data Protection Regulation.

marketing purposes. With the prior consent of the respondent, the controller uses the personal data of the same for the purposes of survey research related to the product program it offers, for marketing purposes for future advertising of the products and services that the controller has in its offer, and for conducting prize games.

3. Delivery of personal data

You are not obliged to provide your personal data, but the delivery of the same is generally mandatory for the performance of our services, which is why we warn you that without the delivery of the necessary data, it is not possible to provide the requested service.

4. Sources

We collect your personal data, in addition to those you have provided to us personally, if there is a need for it, exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling the contract with you and the purposes of processing specified in point 2 of this statement, and from competent state institutions and third parties.

When we collect data about people who are not users of our services, we collect them based on data about them that you have provided to us.

5. Recipients of personal data

Your personal data can be accessed by employees of the processing manager in charge of production, marketing, customer support and accounting.

Access to your personal data can be given to external recipients only if it is necessary for the performance of our service or it results from a mandatory legal regulation, for example a courier service with which the data controller has concluded a contract.

External recipients can be:

– competent state bodies

– providers of bookkeeping and similar services to the data controller

– providers of other types of services such as packaging, sending and delivery of ordered products

– providers of IT support services to the controller

– related persons of the controller

– financial institutions and the like

– third parties in relation to whom there is a legal obligation to provide personal data of the respondent

– other third parties for the purpose of achieving interests related to the purpose of providing the service.

In order to ensure a high level of availability of our products to customers, users and other clients, we cooperate with service providers outside the territory of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union. In the event that personal data is transferred outside the Republic of Croatia and the European Union, we will take the necessary measures to protect your personal data in order to ensure that the third party to whom your personal data is transferred ensures the same level of protection of your personal data as it is in the Republic of Croatia and the European Union. union, and we regularly control the provision of such protection. At any time, you can get information from the data controller about whether your personal data is being transferred outside the Republic of Croatia, as well as about the protection measures taken on the above-mentioned contact details.

6. Storage term

The controller keeps the accounting documents containing your personal data of the respondents, which it processes in the following terms:

all counting from the last day of the business year to which the accounting document refers.

Records and documents on daily cash transactions, business books and accounting documents, and other records are kept for ten years from the beginning of the statute of limitations, unless longer terms are prescribed by a special regulation.

The data controller keeps the collected personal data confidential, and all employees of the data controller are obliged to keep all personal data they come to know in the course of their work confidential.

7. Web cookies

We use cookies that are exclusively necessary for the correct display and operation of this website, and we do not collect your personal data through cookies.

8. Your rights:

Right of access – you can request confirmation as to whether your data is being processed, for what purpose and to what extent.

Right to rectification – if we process your personal data that is incorrect or incomplete.

Right to erasure – you can request the erasure of your personal data if the purpose for which it was collected no longer exists, if it is an illegal processing, if the processing disproportionately interferes with your protected legitimate interests or the data processing is based on your consent withdrew. However, it is necessary to take into account the possible existence of other reasons that could be against the complete deletion of your personal data, for example storage that is expressly determined by law, the existence, realization or defense of legal claims and the like.

Right to transfer data – data that you have given us and which we process based on your consent or for the purpose of executing a contract, and their processing is carried out by automated means, at your request we will forward them to you in a structured, common and machine-readable form. If it is technically feasible, we can transfer them directly to another data controller at your request.

Right to restriction of processing – you have the right to request restriction of processing of your data:

– if you dispute the accuracy of your personal data, during the period that allows us to check the accuracy of the data

– if the processing is illegal, but you have refused the deletion and instead request the restriction of data processing

– if we no longer need your personal data for the intended purpose,

– if you have lodged an objection to the processing of personal data, awaiting confirmation as to whether they exceed legitimate reasons

manager of the processing of your reasons

The right to object – at any time you can object to the processing of your personal data in accordance with Art. 6, paragraph 1, item f. General regulations on data protection.

Right to appeal – if you believe that we have violated the regulations on the protection of personal data when processing your personal data and thus led to a violation of your interests, rights and freedoms, please contact us so that we can clarify all possible issues.

In addition to contacting us directly, you can also contact the supervisory body for the protection of personal data in the Republic of Croatia – the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data (AZOP), Martićeva 14, 10000 Zagreb, with your complaint or complaint.

We will provide information on the actions taken no later than one month from the date of receipt of your request. If the processing of the request is complex or there are a large number of requests, that deadline can be extended by another two months, but in that case we will inform you about the reasons for the possible extension of the deadline. Also, if we are unable to comply with your request, we will inform you of our decision, stating the reasons for such decision, and the possibility of submitting a complaint or appeal to the Personal Data Protection Agency.

In the event that the requests are clearly unfounded or excessive, especially due to their frequent repetition, we may charge a reasonable fee based on administrative costs or refuse to act on the request.

When exercising your rights, please take care to provide us with proof based on which we will be able to establish your identity in an unmistakable way (personal identification document)

9. Automated processing including profiling

When providing our services, automated processing and profiling in the sense of Art. 22 of the General Data Protection Regulation.

To exercise your rights and any additional questions, you can contact us via the following means:

Contact information of the data controller:

Headquarters: Reisnerova ulica 100, Osijek
Warehouse and manufacturing address: Vinkovačka cesta 68, Osijek
OIB: 83200237288

10. Notification of users (respondents)

In order to inform about services and products, the respondent’s e-mail address and phone number are used for independent marketing purposes until the respondent unsubscribes. Unsubscribing is possible at any time and can be done via the internet address

11. Security measures related to data processing

By applying appropriate extensive technical and organizational measures, the controller ensures adequate security of personal data and provides adequate protection against unauthorized or unlawful data processing, accidental or intentional data manipulation, data loss, destruction or damage. Our security procedures are continuously monitored and updated in line with technological developments.