125kHz RFID board

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Product Description

RFID is a type of communication in which information is transmitted wirelessly (Wikipedia article). Today, it is becoming increasingly popular and can be found in numerous and various cards: driving licenses, access control to buildings, public transportation, etc.



RFID readers come in many forms and variants. This reader, from our production, enables easy connection to a microcontroller, thereby opening up possibilities for developing various projects based on RFID technology. The breakout comes in two versions, and depending on the version, it is programmed and ready for communication via pins on the board. It has a switch for changing the data transfer speed (baud rate) as well as a connector for connecting the antenna that comes with the breakout.

Product features

Key features

  • Frekvencija: 125kHz
  • Available in versions: UART, I2C
  • Dimenzije: 38 x 38 mm / 1.5 x 1.5 inch

Product usage tips

If you order additional cards/tags with this reader, make sure to use those that operate at a frequency of 125 kHz, which is compatible with this reader!

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