Air quality sensor MQ135 breakout

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Key features

  • Operating Voltage: 2.5V to 5.0V
  • Power consumption: 150mA
  • Detect/Measure: NH3, Nox, CO2, Alcohol, Benzene, Smoke
  • Digital Output: 0V to 5V (TTL Logic ) @ 5V Vcc
  • Analog Output: 0-5V @ 5V Vcc

Product Description

The MQ-135 Gas sensor can detect gases like Ammonia (NH3), sulfur (S), Benzene (C6H6), CO2, and other harmful gases and smoke. Similar to other MQ series gas sensor, this sensor also has a digital and analog output pin. When the level of these gases go beyond a threshold limit in the air the digital pin goes high. This threshold value can be set by using the on-board potentiometer. The analog output pin, outputs an analog voltage which can be used to approximate the level of these gases in the atmosphere.

The MQ135 air quality sensor module operates at 5V and consumes around 150mA. It requires some pre-heating before it could actually give accurate results.

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