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[RETIRED] AQ:bit - atmospheric control addon for micro:bit

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Retired Product

This product has been retired from our shop and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.


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Product Description

This product is retired and we won’t sell it anymore. This page is for reference only.


The AQ:bit is an addon for the popular micro:bit. The AQ stands for atmospheric quality meaning that the AQ:bit can be used to measure weather and atmospheric conditions, such as current temperature, pressure, humidity, and particle count when connected to a micro:bit.

The AQ:bit allows the micro:bit to send atmospheric data over the Internet. The AQ:bit becomes operational once the micro:bit slides into the appropriate header located on the top section of the board. When the micro:bit is required elsewhere, the AQ:bit can be detached from the micro:bit.
Temperature measurement is done with the TMP236A2DCKR and BME280 sensors, while the latter can also collect data on humidity and pressure. The PMS7003 particulate matter sensor connects via the 10-pin female header on the bottom of the board and provides information on the air quality using PM2.5 and PM10 readings.

The AQ:bit is equipped with an easyC connector that enables it to be connected with other boards. Additionally, the AQ:bit has an USB-C connector for charging and features the powerful ESP8266MOD that grants access to WiFi networks.

Product features

Key features

  • Fits: BBC micro:bit
  • WiFi module: ESP8266
  • Particulate matter sensor: PMS7003: PM2.5, PM10; power: 200 µA ... 100 mA
  • Temperature sensor: TMP236A2DCKR: range: -10 ... 125°C, accuracy: ±0.5°C, power: ~9 µA
  • Temperature, humidity, and pressure sensor: BME280: range: -40 ... 85°C; range: 300 ... 1100 hPa, accuracy ±0.25%; power: 1.8 ... 3.6 µA, 0.1 µA sleep mode
  • Power: 1 USB-C connector: 5V
  • Dimensions: 65 x 50 x 13 mm / 2.6" x 2" x 0.5"

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