CO, flammable gasses sensor MQ9 breakout with easyC

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Product Description

We are surrounded by invisible gases everywhere. Although we generally don’t have to worry about them, in certain circumstances they can be very flammable and dangerous. The MQ9 breakout detects carbon monoxide, methane, propane and other flammable gases so that the right measures can be taken in time. The sensor detects carbon monoxide at 10-1000 ppm and other flammable gases at 100-10000 ppm.

The breakout board provides digital and analog information via the easyC system. Sensor readings are obtained via easyC.


Product usage tips:


When gas is detected, the LED will start glowing. It will remain off if it doesn’t detect anything. Four mounting holes enable easy mounting to surfaces. The board comes with three male headers.

Product features

Key features

  • Detects: carbon monoxide, methane, propane, flamable gases
  • Voltage: 3V3
  • Output: digital
  • ATTiny404 microcontroller onboard
  • easyC connectors
  • Dimensions: 54 x 22 mm / 2.1 x 0.9 inch

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