Dasduino Beginner Kit - Basic

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Dasduino set for beginners is a complete system for learning programming and basic electronic principles. Using this set You will be able to program the world and electronic devices around You and learn how to program Dasduino in C programming language, connect electronic components and basic things about them. No experience in programming or electronics is needed to work with this set. In the beginning, Croduino lessons help where through 20 mins videos basic concepts of programming and electronics are explained.

Because of the poor choice of microcontroller boards in Croatia, a great quantity of educational material linked to this kit and low prices, the kit is a great choice for classrooms, companies and even colleges. With the minimal price, it brings all that is needed to learn about electronics for the independent production of a project.


Set contains:

Dasduino CORE + USB cable
Breadboard cables
15x 10k resistor
25x 330ohm resistor
2x 5mm RGB LED
6x 5mm blueLED
6x 5mm red LED
6x 5mm yellow LED

6x 5mm green LED
2x photoresistor
3x Pushbutton
Mosfet IRF540
3x 2N2222 transistor
Shift register 74HC595
3x Potentiometer 10k
3x 12mm pushbutton

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