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If you’re looking for a microcontroller simple-to-use, yet powerful enough for a wide variety of applications, look no further. From low-power sensor networks to demanding tasks such as streaming music, MP3 encoding, and voice recording, this microcontroller can do it all. Dasduino CONNECTPLUS comes with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2, which enable low-energy secure connections with data packet length extensions. It uses the powerful ESP32 controller with 4 MB integrated flash and 8 MB integrated PSRAM.


Dasduino CONNECTPLUS is 69 mm wide and 26 mm high. It fits on a standard breadboard for faster prototyping and works for most projects. It offers plenty of external connections with its 30 pins.You can simply connect the board to your computer with the standard USB Type-C cable and program it with Arduino IDE. The easyC port lets you connect the CONNECTPLUS easily with other I2C devices. The JST battery connector and onboard charger lets you make your projects truly wireless. There is more: full RGB WS2812 LED, reset and user button, onboard protections and more. It comes with USB-C cable.



Dasduino CONNECTPLUS (ESP32) options:


The Dasduino CONNECTPLUS comes in 3 versions depending on the method of establishing a connection to the pins:

– without headers
– with male headers
– with female headers

Product features

Key features

  • ESP32-WROVER-E module as microcontroller
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V (onboard regulator for 5V)
  • Pins: 30 pins (digital, analog, PWM)
  • Communication: UART, SPI, I2C
  • Connectors: easyC, USB Type-C (female), JST Li-ion battery connector
  • Push buttons: Reset, User
  • LED: WS2812B
  • Mounting holes: 2 (1 blocked by the chip)
  • Optional without headers
  • Optional with male headers
  • Optional with female headers
  • Dimensions: 69 mm x 26 mm / 2.7 x 1 inch
  • Install the Dasduino board definition in the Arduino IDE using the repository at the link below.

Product usage tips

If something’s not working when putting your code on the Dasduino ConnectPlus, check the wiring. First, check if all the wires are going to the headers on the board correctly. After that, look at the circuit on your breadboard. If all the connections are correct, go through your code again.  There might be a bug that’s preventing things to work correctly. The problem is usually in either the wiring or the code.


Dasduino ConnectPlus features an easyC connector, which allows it to work seamlessly with other I2C breakout boards in our assortment. Sensors such as the BMP180  or SHTC3  can be connected to ConnectPlus with a simple easyC cable. Dasduino ConnectPlus has two mounting holes, but one of them is blocked by the chip. The one free mounting hole can be used to secure the board to a surface.


The ESP32-WROVER-E microchip can withstand a wide temperature range. Thus, Dasduino ConnectPlus is suitable for industrial environments. The board is not impact-resistant, though. There’s a high chance something will break when it hits something at a high speed or weird angle. Keep track of the electric current passing through it as well. Too strong of a current will fry the chip and other crucial components, making the board completely useless.

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