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Over the years of working on new products, prototyping and experimenting, we have collected many different electronic components and PCBs. You could probably have one drawer for which you are no longer certain what it contains. Imagine this on a greater scale- that’s what we ended up with 🙂


Now we have decided to get rid of it. We made packages with these components, tried getting everyone more or less the same value and decided to sell them for HRK30 per pack. Well if you want to try your luck – here’s the chance!



NOTE: All packages are randomly packed and there is no option to select a special package. Since this is a sale, these products can not be returned and no refunds are available if you aren’t happy with what you got.

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5 out of 5
by aldoorovic on January 01, 2024

100% vrijedno 5 eura, kad mi je paket prvo stigao mislio sam da je to neka pogreška koliki je bio unutra su bila prava blaga! Brojne elektroničke komponente te dva inkplate 10 e-papir display kojima samo fali Esp-WROWER modul, preporučujem svima!

5 out of 5
by jurgec90 on June 18, 2023

već duže vremena naručujem i sada u zadnjoj pošiljci sam dobio točno ova 2 paketa sa slika 😁 a u prijašnjim paketima sam dobio od korisnijih stvari: LED grow light, UV lampu, fiksni telefon😆, 3 wireless/bluetooth miša, galaxy s8(napuknuti ekran, ali touch radi), razne esp32 module, HT shield za dasduino connect plus. Tako da svakako preporučujem. Jedino imam molbu da uvrstite led grow light i ht shield u svoju stalnu ponudu. uz pomoć ht shielda sam si složio automatsko navodnjavanje biljaka na balkonu, a led grow light je bio šećer na kraju. 😁

5 out of 5
by Bruno K. on October 11, 2021

Here I bought from the first 3 sets, to try my luck. It didn't take long for me to order again, but with a larger amount of sets. I remember that I felt like a child at Christmas or New Year with my gifts. I would recommend everyone to order a set. Because it is not a classic cat in a bag, it is certain that you will profit by buying these sets, here is no doubt about that. For only 30 HRK, you will get whatever components and modules, whatever you get, it will beat the price of just 30 HRK many times over.

5 out of 5
by Damir on May 18, 2020

A lot of useful things that are still very useable. The value of the package exceeds the asking price of 30 kn, so anyone who wants to have a little fun and practice testing components can order it with peace of mind and will not make a mistake. I personally ordered two packages and I am completely satisfied.

5 out of 5
by Gregor on June 15, 2019

I bought one of these packages and got the whole Croduino Basic3 (yes, with all the parts on it) and it works great with a small problem. The problem is that you can't upload the code via USB (I don't know if the problem is with the driver or CH340C or something else), but you have to use Arduino as ISP with another Arduino/Croduin or another ISP programmer. That seems to be the only problem and everything else works, so I got lucky :)!