Prototyping wire 250m

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Product Description

This is a huge roll of soldering wire. It’s a copper-plated stranded wire that comes in a thickness of 30AWG. Ideal for connecting to a protoboard or inside a project box. If you decide to buy this roll, you’ve probably solved the wire problem for at least 10 years!


Thickness: 30AWG (0.255mm cross-section)
Lenght: 250m
Wire color: crvena, žuta, plava, crna ili bijela
• Stranded copper-plated wire

Product features

Key features

  • Thickness: 30AWG (0.255mm cross-section)
  • Wire color: crvena, žuta, plava, crna ili bijela
  • Stranded copper-plated wire
  • Lenght: 250 m / 9842.5"

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