SHT30 soil temperature and humidity sensor

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Key features

  • Relative humidity, range: 0-100%RH
  • Relative humidity, accuracy: 0.04%RH (12bit)
  • Relativna humidity, tolerance: +-3.0%
  • Temperature, range: -40°C - 125°C
  • Temperature, accuracy: 0.01°C (14bit)
  • Temperature, tolerance: +-0.3C
  • Minimum response time: 5s

Product Description

SHT30 became an icon of industrial temperature & humidity sensors. A device provides calibrated, linearized signal in digital I2C format. The sensor is made in Switzerland and offers great performances with proven stability and durability.


This sensor is located in a special shell that can be placed in the ground where it then measures temperature and humidity.


• Relative humidity, range: 0-100%RH
• Relative humidity, accuracy: 0.04%RH (12bit)
• Relativna humidity, tolerance: +-3.0%
• Temperature, range: -40°C – 125°C
• Temperature, accuracy: 0.01°C (14bit)
• Temperature, tolerance: +-0.3C
• Minimum response time: 5s

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