Soldering station 60W

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Key features

  • Power: 60W
  • Temperature range: 200℃ - 500℃
  • Input voltage: 230V
  • Dimensions: 138 x 112 x82 mm

Product Description

Soldering station SS-936A is a more serious part of equipment for electronic workshop. It contains a transformer in its base, thanks to which it can deliver high power at high speed. Therefore, you will easily solder the thickest wires and components to ground polygons. Power is up to 60W, adjustable temperatures up to 500 ℃ with a quality soldering iron that heats up quickly. The tips are easily changeable and available in our offer, and the station comes with a spike tip. It also comes with a soldering iron stand and a sponge for cleaning the tip of the soldering iron. If you are looking for a soldering iron that will serve you for a long time, without spending too much money, the SS-936A is an ideal choice!


• Power: 60W
• Temperature range: 200℃ – 500℃
• Input voltage: 230V
• Dimensions: 138 x 112 x82 mm

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