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Soldering irons & Hot air

In this category you can find all soldering irons and other soldering equipment from our offer. For example, a USB soldering iron, hot air station etc.

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Soldering iron 40W
Soldering iron 40W

The soldering iron is an essential tool for anyone who does something with electronics. Although we enjoy using more expensive soldering irons, this one is affordable and does the job – it will come in handy as a first or spare soldering iron, and with its price, it is affordable to everyone. The process of soldering permanently connects two pieces of metal. In electronics it is the joints between wires, components and boards. Whatever you want to do, you’ll always need to solder something, especially if you’re going to fix electronics – you must have a soldering iron. This soldering iron has a power of 40W, which is quite enough for soldering and desoldering in most cases.

Cleaning net for soldering iron
Cleaning net for soldering iron

If the soldering iron isn’t clean, neither will the the solder joint. This cleaning net allows quick tip cleaning by “stabbing” the soldering iron in it. When the net is filled with solder, simply remove it from the casing, clean the excess solder, return it back and use it again!

Out of stock Soldering station 60W
Soldering station 60W

Soldering station SS-936A is a more serious part of equipment for electronic workshop. It contains a transformer in its base, thanks to which it can deliver high power at high speed. Therefore, you will easily solder the thickest wires and components to ground polygons. Power is up to 60W, adjustable temperatures up to 500 ℃ with a quality soldering iron that heats up quickly. It comes with spike tip, a soldering iron stand and a sponge for cleaning the tip of the soldering iron. If you are looking for a soldering iron that will serve you for a long time, without spending too much money, the SS-936A is an ideal choice!


Soldering station with hot air
Soldering station with hot air

Soldering station with hot air is a combination that will solve all the problems regarding soldering and desoldering, whether it is THT or SMD components. The 50W soldering station has enough power to solder the components with the highest thermal mass, and comes with a pointed tip. Hot air will be useful for soldering and desoldering SMD components. It comes with three extensions with which it is possible to select the width of the hot air flow. With the station also comes a stand for both the soldering iron and for hot air.


• Maximum hot air power: 450W
Hot air temperature range: 100℃ – 500℃
Hot air flow: 120L/min max.
• Maximum power of soldering iron: 50W
Hot air temperature range: 200℃ – 500℃
• Manufacturer and model: Gordak 968
• Input voltage: 230V

USB soldering iron
USB soldering iron

This small, practical, and portable USB soldering iron powered from PC, laptop, or portable batter is perfect for makers! It works over any USB port and the small tip makes it very precise.  The tip also warms up very quickly, so you can start soldering around 15 seconds after the ignition. Soldering iron comes with a bracket, small amount of solder and a stand.


Of course, be careful while working with soldering iron. Iron’s tip is at temperature is 300-400 degrees Celsius.

Power: 8W
Input voltage: 5V
Length: 16cm

Spare handle for soldering station
Spare handle for soldering station

As the name suggests, a spare handle for the soldering station from our offer.

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