Active GPS antenna, SMA connector

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Key features

  • Connector: SMA male
  • Frequency: 1575.42MHz
  • Voltage: 3V-5V
  • Current: 10mA max.
  • Polarization: circular(RH)
  • Amplification: 28dB
  • Dimensions: 45mm x 39mm x 13mm

Product Description

The active GPS antenna allows you to get a better GPS signal reception to your device. The antenna comes with a 3m cable at the end of which is the classic SMA male connector. There is a magnet for easier installation at the bottom of the antenna.


• Connector: SMA male
Frequency: 1575.42MHz
• Voltage: 3V-5V
• Current: 10mA max.
• Polarization: circular(RH)
• Amplification: 28dB
• Dimensions: 45mm x 39mm x 13mm

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