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Inkplate is the simplest e-paper board there is. Do you have a project in mind?

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Soldered Inkplate 6COLOR Soldered Inkplate 6COLOR
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LED dice Solder kit LED dice Solder kit
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Reaction game Solder kit Reaction game Solder kit
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Simple light sensor board Simple light sensor board
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Display OLED I2C 0.96" SSD1306 Display OLED I2C 0.96″ SSD1306
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Soldered Electronics simplifies electronics for all: with user-friendly products, comprehensive technical assistance, and numerous examples, you’ll get your project up and running swiftly.

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Inkplate 4TEMPERA

Our newest board with e-paper screen. Packed into enclosure, with battery and plenty of sensors. Limited edition.

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5 out of 5
for Soldered Inkplate 2
by herrmann.leon on April 04, 2024

Lovely little device. Especially easy to get into it as a beginner with other easyC components. The screen has great visibility but is quite slow to update. Would definitely recommend it to beginners or enthusiasts who want to quickly play around with an e-paper display.

5 out of 5
for Junk box – electronics
by aldoorovic on January 01, 2024

100% vrijedno 5 eura, kad mi je paket prvo stigao mislio sam da je to neka pogreška koliki je bio unutra su bila prava blaga! Brojne elektroničke komponente te dva inkplate 10 e-papir display kojima samo fali Esp-WROWER modul, preporučujem svima!

by hperadin on December 26, 2023

Super proizvod, i super podrška od ekipe iz Soldered Electronics. Odlično ako se hoćete ubacit u hobi elektroniku i programiranje, ili imate klinca kojem bi htjeli približit nešto od toga.


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