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Soldered Inkplate 10 Soldered Inkplate 10
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LED dice Solder kit LED dice Solder kit
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Reaction game Solder kit Reaction game Solder kit
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Alcohol, Ethanol sensor MQ3 breakout Alcohol, Ethanol sensor MQ3 breakout
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Simple light sensor board Simple light sensor board
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Obstacle sensor TCRT5000 breakout Obstacle sensor TCRT5000 breakout
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Soldered simplifies electronics for all: with user-friendly products, comprehensive technical assistance, and numerous examples, you’ll get your project up and running swiftly.

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Dasduino CORE

100% Arduino compatible board. Easy to use. Fits breadboard. ATmega328P-based.

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5 out of 5
for Dasduino CORE (ATmega328)
by Benjamin on November 21, 2023

Great for complex and simple projects alike.

by GadgetGeek on November 21, 2023

An excellent set of parts to fill my empty electronic components drawers 🙂

by PixelMaker on November 21, 2023

i love the small form-factor of this boards, it’s useful for wearables


Discover our Resistor kit 400

Ever started a project and missed a resistor? Don’t let it happen again!

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