In this category there are devices and laboratory tools that we offer. ESD pad for the table, auxiliary arm for electronics, logic analyzer, etc.

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Osciloscope probe P6100 100MHz
Osciloscope probe P6100 100MHz

Spare oscilloscope probe.


Logic analyzer
Logic analyzer

A logic analyzer allows you to record and display a signal, usually a bus, on your computer screen in real time. It is powered via USB, and simultaneously records up to 8 channels. Cables are also included.


Auxiliary arm for electronics
Auxiliary arm for electronics

The auxiliary arm is a practical desktop tool that allows you to hold PCBs, components, and wires when soldering or working with them. Thanks to the crocodile clips adjustable in all directions, you can attach any type of material and adjust it to an accessible position. The arm itself is heavy and will not move during work. In addition, the third arm, as it is also called, has a magnifier with LED lighting on it, so working with small components will be even easier. If that’s not enough, there is also a soldering iron holder on this auxiliary arm.


Number of crocodile clips: 2
• LED lighting powering: 3x AAA batteries

Hantek 6022BL USB osciloscope
Hantek 6022BL USB osciloscope

An oscilloscope is very useful to have nearby – it allows you to display signals depending on the time. Usual problem with oscilloscopes is that they are large and awkward to carry, but with this USB oscilloscope it is no longer a problem! Plug it into a USB port, install drivers and software, plug in the probes and measure. Using special software, you have controls over the device as on a classic desktop oscilloscope. It has 2 channels, measures up to 20MHz and takes 48 million samples per second. It comes with two probes.


If an analog approach to signal processing with an oscilloscope is not enough, (firmware developers, we hear you!) There is also a 16-channel logic analyzer. It will read signals from 0V to 5.5V on 16 channels simultaneously, displaying them on the timeline for easy analysis, so you can accurately measure the duration and decode each digital signal. The logic analyzer software even decodes the data being sent, if it is a standard communication. Comes with 16 quick signal connecting connectors.


• Frequency range
: 20MHz
• Channels: 2
• Sample rate: 48MSa/s
• Memory depth: 1M
• Rise time: 17.5ns
• Time division: 1ns/div – 5000s/div
• Voltage division: 20mV/div – 5V/div

Logic analyzer
• Channels
: 16
• Input voltage range: 0V – 5.5V
• Maximum number of samples: 48M
• Frequency range: 10MHz
• Memory depth: 1M/CH

• Connection: USB
• Comes with s 2 PP80B probes
• Dimensions: 200 x 100 x 35mm
• Weight: 300g

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