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Dasduino beginner kit REFILL
Dasduino beginner kit REFILL

If you usually do big projects or put on workshops, you know that there’s never enough of some components. Therefore, we’ve put together this set of wires, resistors and other primary components to make your everyday work or education much easier.


This set consists of:

  • Breadboard
  • Set of cables for breadboard
  • 50x 330ohm resistor
  • 45x 10k resistor
  • 10x 2n2222 transistor
  • 10x 1n4148 diode
  • 5x photoresistor
  • 10x pushbutton
  • 5x potentiometer 10k
  • 2x 100nF ceramic capacitor
  • 5mm RGB LED diode
  • 3x 5mm blue LED diode
  • 3x 5mm red LED diode
  • 3x 5mm yellow LED diode
  • 3x 5mm green LED diode
Dasduino CORE (ATmega328)
Dasduino CORE (ATmega328)

Are you looking to start tinkering with electronics and Arduinos? Or perhaps you’re looking for a board to help you with electronic projects? Dasduino Core is the right choice for you. If you’re familiar with any of the retired Croduino products, you’ll feel right at home with this board. If not, no worries! Dasduino Core is made for makers of all skill levels! Not only will it execute the tasks in a breeze, but it will take up little space while doing so.

With just 63 mm wide and 22 mm high, Dasduino Core packs 22 I/O pins. It has 14 digital and 8 analog pins, which is plenty for almost all projects. It comes with a USB Type-C connection and is 100% compatible with the original Arduino boards and Arduino IDE. It comes with the Atmel Atmega328P microcontroller we all know and love. It works on 5V or battery voltage. There is also a 3.3V voltage regulator on the board for easy powering of 3.3V breakouts or easyC boards. Furthermore, it features Lithium-ion battery charger and connector, and a full color WS2812 RGB LED. An easyC connector will make connecting the Dasduino Core with other devices effortless.



Dasduino CORE (ATmega328) options:


The Dasduino CORE comes in 3 versions depending on the method of establishing a connection to the pins:

– without headers
– with male headers
– with female headers

Dasduino LITE (ATTiny1604)
Dasduino LITE (ATTiny1604)

Dasduino Lite is the right choice when you are limited with space, but still looking for capable controller. Based on Attiny1604, with USB-C port, Li-ion charger and CH340 USB-UART converter, it has all must-haves on a small form-factor.

Only 38mm wide and 26mm high, Dasduino Lite contains 12 GPIO pins. Of these, 9 can be programmed as analog. It comes with a USB Type-C connection and is 100% compatible with the original Arduino IDE software using  custom Board Definition. In addition to its small dimensions, which are the main characteristic of this Dasduino, there is also a charger for a lithium battery, a full RGB LED and an easyC connector that will allow easy connection of the Dasduino Lite board with other devices. This Dasduino is extremely handy when you need to make a project that needs to take up as little space as possible.



Dasduino LITE (ATTiny1604) options:


The Dasduino LITE comes in 3 versions depending on the method of establishing a connection to the pins:

– without headers
– with male headers
– with female headers

Out of stock Dasduino Beginner Kit - Basic
Dasduino Beginner Kit - Basic

Dasduino set for beginners is a complete system for learning programming and basic electronic principles. Using this set You will be able to program the world and electronic devices around You and learn how to program Dasduino in C programming language, connect electronic components and basic things about them. No experience in programming or electronics is needed to work with this set. In the beginning, Croduino lessons help where through 20 mins videos basic concepts of programming and electronics are explained.


Because of the poor choice of microcontroller boards in Croatia, a great quantity of educational material linked to this kit and low prices, the kit is a great choice for classrooms, companies and even colleges. With the minimal price, it brings all that is needed to learn about electronics for the independent production of a project.


Kit consists of:

  • Dasduino CORE + USB cable
  • Breadboard cables
  • Breadboard
  • 15x 10k resistor
  • 25x 330ohm resistor
  • 2x 5mm RGB LED
  • 6x 5mm blue LED
  • 6x 5mm red LED
  • 6x 5mm yellow LED
  • 6x 5mm green LED
  • DHT11
  • 2x photoresistor
  • 3x Pushbutton
  • Buzzer
  • Mosfet IRF540
  • 3x 2N2222 transistor
  • Shift register 74HC595
  • 3x Potentiometer 10k
  • 3x 12mm pushbutton
Out of stock Dasduino beginner kit HOBBY
Dasduino beginner kit HOBBY

Dasduino Beginner Kit is a complete system for learning how to code and getting familiar with the main principles of electronics. With this set, you’ll be able to code the world and different electronic gadgets around you. Moreover, you’ll learn how to code your Dasduino (Arduino compatible board) in C programming language, connect electronic components and other things of importance in the electronics world. The best thing about this kit is that no experience in coding or electronics is required to get started.


This kit is an amazing choice for not only beginners, but schools, businesses, hobbyists and even colleges because it offers everything that is necessary for a individual to learn about electronics through their own project, while being at an affordable price.


Hobby version of Dasduino Beginner Kit has much more components than the basic version of the kit. It contains additional components and other actuators and sensors.


This kit consists of:

  • Dasduino CORE + USB cable
  • Set of cables for breadboard
  • Breadboard
  • 15x 10K resistor
  • 25x 330ohm resistor
  • 2x 5mm RGB LED diode
  • 6x 5mm blue LED diode
  • 6x 5mm red LED diode
  • 6x 5mm yellow LED diode
  • 6x 5mm green LED diode
  • DHT
  • 3x Photoresistor
  • 6x Pushbutton
  • Buzzer
  • 3x MOSFET transistor IRF540
  • 3x 2N2222 transistor
  • Shift register 74HC595
  • 6x Potentiometer 10k
  • 3x Big pushbutton
  • Relay, 1-channel
  • LCD display 16×2
  • 3x 1N4148 diode
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Motion sensor HC-SR501


Dasduino Beginner Kit INTERNET OF THINGS - IoT
Dasduino Beginner Kit INTERNET OF THINGS - IoT

Croduino set for beginners Internet of Things (IoT CSP) is a complete set to start working with the Internet of things. Contains Dasduino CONNECT, microcontroller board with ESP8266 which can easily be programmed from the Arduino IDE. Connection to a PC is made directly using a USB cable. Besides the controller, the set has a bunch of different sensors and actuators, which are often used in projects related to the Internet.


Some of the projects that you can make using components from this set are: Weather page (using BMP180 sensor temperature and humidity, air quality sensor MQ135, LDR), the switch which is connected to the Internet (using 2-channel module with relay, MOSFET or servo motor) notification via the Internet (a motion sensor, photoresistor or other sensor), and so on. Turn on your imagination and make something else!


Kit consists of:

  • Dasduino CONNECT
  • 2-channel relay
  • DC motor
  • F-F cable set
  • Pressure & Temperature sensor BMP180
  • Servo motor – TowerPro SG90
  • PIR Movement sensor board
  • Air quality sensor MQ135 breakout
  • 10k resistors (15pcs)
  • 2x 2N2222 transistor
  • Photoresistor
  • 2x IRF540 MOSFET
  • DHT11 temperature & humidity sensor
  • Buzzer
Make your own Dasduino Solder Kit
Make your own Dasduino Solder Kit

If you’re looking for a simple way to start soldering or just want to make your own Dasduino, this soldering set is a great opportunity. “Make your own Dasduino CORE” is an educational set for learning the skill of soldering, with which you end up with a functional microcontroller board. As with the other SMD versions of the Dasduino CORE boards we offer, the possibilities are endless.



It is based on the ATmega328P microcontroller, and all SMD components are already soldered on the board. The set also includes a THT socket for the microcontroller, which simplifies the replacement of the microcontroller should it ever become necessary.



The set consists of:

  • PCB
  • 7 capacitors of 100nF
  • 4 capacitors of 2.2uF
  • 2 capacitors of 22pF
  • 5 resistors of 2.2kOhm
  • 5 resistors of 10kOhm
  • 3 resistors of 1kOhm
  • 1 resistor of 100kOhm
  • 1 resistor of 100Ohm
  • 1 JST battery connector
  • 1 purple LED
  • 1 white LED
  • 1 blue LED
  • 1 red LED
  • 1 orange LED
  • 1 socket for ATmega328P
  • 1 ATmega328P microcontroller
Dasduino COREPLUS (ATmega2560)
Dasduino COREPLUS (ATmega2560)

The soldered version of the ATmega2560 microcontroller board has arrived! It is designed for enthusiasts and professionals in the field of electronics and DIY projects. The heart of the board, the ATmega2560, is a powerful 8-bit microcontroller that offers enough processing power for demanding applications. The board comes with a large number of digital and analog inputs/outputs, allowing users to connect various sensors and actuators. The ATmega2560 contains a significant amount of Flash memory, SRAM, and EEPROM, which is sufficient for complex applications and data storage. The USB interface allows for easy programming and communication with a computer. It enables communication with various peripheral devices and modules using the easyC system for simple connectivity. The board is compatible with popular development environments, such as Arduino IDE, which facilitates the development and implementation of projects.


This board is ideal for creating complex and versatile electronic projects, such as automatic systems, smart devices, robotics, and many others.


Dasduino COREPLUS (ATmega2560) options:


Dasduino COREPLUS comes in 3 versions depending on the method of connection to the pins:

– without headers
– with male headers
– with female headers

Dasduino CONNECT (ESP8266)
Dasduino CONNECT (ESP8266)

The biggest advantage of Dasduino Connect hides within its name. If you ever wanted to connect your development board directly to the Internet, look no further! This Dasduino comes with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi. It even comes with the TCP/IP protocol suite that supports DNS. Connecting the physical world with the Internet has never been easier! Dasduino Connect is based on the well-known ESP8266 microchip which can be a bit complicated to use on its own. Adding the fact that it works from the Arduino IDE, working this board is as simple as it gets.


Dasduino Connect is 71 mm wide and 26 mm high so you can fit it in most projects. It fits perfectly on a breadboard for faster prototyping. It has a total of 30 pins, most of which are digital and one of which is analog. You can simply connect it to your computer with a USB Type-C and program it in Arduino IDE. Connecting the Dasduino Connect with other boards is done with an easyC cable. The design is 3.3V ready with an onboard regulator for 5V. With the JST battery connector, you can make your projects truly wireless. It includes full RGB WS2812B LED as well. Comes without any headers although it comes with USB-C cable.

Dasduino CONNECT (ESP8266) options:


The Dasduino CONNECT comes in 3 versions depending on the method of establishing a connection to the pins:

– without headers
– with male headers
– with female headers


If you’re looking for a microcontroller simple-to-use, yet powerful enough for a wide variety of applications, look no further. From low-power sensor networks to demanding tasks such as streaming music, MP3 encoding, and voice recording, this microcontroller can do it all. Dasduino CONNECTPLUS comes with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2, which enable low-energy secure connections with data packet length extensions. It uses the powerful ESP32 controller with 4 MB integrated flash and 8 MB integrated PSRAM.


Dasduino CONNECTPLUS is 69 mm wide and 26 mm high. It fits on a standard breadboard for faster prototyping and works for most projects. It offers plenty of external connections with its 30 pins.You can simply connect the board to your computer with the standard USB Type-C cable and program it with Arduino IDE. The easyC port lets you connect the CONNECTPLUS easily with other I2C devices. The JST battery connector and onboard charger lets you make your projects truly wireless. There is more: full RGB WS2812 LED, reset and user button, onboard protections and more. It comes with USB-C cable.



Dasduino CONNECTPLUS (ESP32) options:


The Dasduino CONNECTPLUS comes in 3 versions depending on the method of establishing a connection to the pins:

– without headers
– with male headers
– with female headers

USB host Arduino shield
USB host Arduino shield

With the USB host shield, you can use external USB devices (such as a USB keyboard) with a microcontroller.

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